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Safe Houses • Dedicated Care • Expert Support

Every young person has fundamental rights and needs.

Through our model of care, based on pro-social modelling and attachment theories, we provide young people with:

A safe place to live with people they can trust, providing guidance and support as they grow and mature

For young people aged 13 to 18 years old

Through medium-term to long-term placements

In a warm and welcoming environment in each of our seven houses

About us


We have seven houses in four counties

  • TerraGlen's Hampton Lodge

Hampton Lodge, Dunleer

SPACE TO LIVE AND BREATHE: Hampton Lodge opened as a TerraGlen house

Oaklodge, Ballinagh

A WARM AND SPACIOUS HOUSE: Oaklodge is a four-bedroom house located in

  • TerraGlen's Laurel Lodge

Laurel Lodge, Mount Temple

HEART OF THE COMMUNITY: Laurel Lodge is a large, detached house situated

Farnham Lodge, Mullahoran

A HOMELY SETTING: Farnham Lodge is located in the townland of Mullahoran


“You start to grow close to some of the staff.

It’s like a normal way of living and some days if I find it hard to deal with things I know I can talk to staff. I use to run away from my problems and put myself in danger. I didn’t think it was a big deal at the time.

I thought nobody understood how I was feeling and that I had the worse life ever, but staff are there to help.”

“When I went to live in TerraGlen there were two other young people that I had never met before and had to get to know them.

You soon realise that other people have had hard lives and some people have it worse.

I get on well with the staff and the young people in the house and we do normal day-to-day stuff; we get a takeaway and watch DVDs sometimes. Some weekends we get to do activities.”

“Being in the house with different people from different places is sometimes hard because people have different ways of doing things.

I have two key workers and they help me with my problems. I can talk to them and sometimes they will fight for you in meeting.”

“Staff have helped turn my life around and they don’t judge me on any mistake I have made.

They help and supported every decision I make.

I have now learnt that it’s not good to run away from your problems and that there are people out there that want to help.”


Our work can be challenging, but it’s rewarding.

The right person in the right place can change a young person’s life for the better.

Visit our careers page if you think you could make that difference.

Careers with TerraGlen