A Care Plan is put together for every person residing within TerraGlen when they come into care. This is a plan of the person’s life in care and all the things to help and support them while in care. It is also a plan for their future.

The Care Plan has information on:

  • Where each individual will live and who they will live with;
  • Where each person will go to school or training;
  • Where and when individuals will meet their parents, brothers, sisters and other family members (if it is safe to do so). This is called ‘access’;
  • How their Social Worker will help each individual and;
  • Other important parts of their life e.g. health care;
  • How to become independent when each individual may leave care e.g. learning to cook and pay bills.

Placement Plan Overview

A written plan is prepared by key workers, the case manager and the individual over a three month period. This overview links into the subsequent monthly plans, which will be outlined below.  This provides an evaluation of the young person’s placement from an macro and micro perspective.

Our individual care planning and review system identifies a person’s needs, what we have to do to address those needs, and tracks progress throughout the residential care placement.

The starting point is the placement plan we develop – in consultation with the individual’s designated Social Worker – based on their care plan.

The placement plan outlines each person’s needs in five areas:

  • health and physical development
  • education and employment
  • social functioning and relationships
  • behavioural and emotional development
  • attachment and family
Monthly plan

A written plan is prepared detailing the work our team will undertake with the individual over the coming month. This input is specifically designed to meet each person’s individual needs, as identified in their care and placement plans. The work undertaken each month is targeted, focused and measurable, with hard and soft outcomes. We ensure each person is given the best opportunity to achieve and we deliver the right support to make their residential placement a success.

Monthly Review

We hold a residential care monthly review meeting to evaluate the effectiveness of the work undertaken in the previous month and progress towards the desired outcomes for change and development set out in the monthly plan.

This meeting provides an opportunity for the individual, their family and Tusla representative / Social Worker to contribute. This analysis and discussion helps maintain the focus of our work on each person’s needs and helps to identify alternative strategies if those outcomes are not being achieved.

At TerraGlen, we recognise the value of every contribution that Social Workers, family members and the individual themselves can make to a successful placement. Best practice promotes the engagement of each person in all areas of their lives and their active participation in all decisions that affect them.

We submit a progress report to each person’s Social Worker at the end each month.