What we do

TerraGlen aims to provide a high quality of care for each individual young person who resides here, working with the care plan that is devised to meet their needs. The young people will be involved in their care planning and facilitated in their endeavours to become independent, whilst being supported through the process. All services that are provided aim to create an environment in which the young person develops appropriate life skills and builds upon their self-esteem in order to navigate adulthood. In recognition of the vulnerable nature of the young people coming to TerraGlen, the objectives of the individual placement plan will incorporate a needs-based risk assessment to work from.

The individual strengths of every young person will be promoted through appropriate interventions in collaboration with the adults in their lives. This means that parents, carers, family members and friends are encouraged to work together with both the young people and the staff team to promote the best possible outcomes for each young person. TerraGlen offers a place where your child will be supported and accepted for the person they are and that they will become.

Life at TerraGlen

Our professional, highly qualified team recognise the individual, physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual needs of each young person. We aim to meet these needs through individual Placement Plans in accordance with “The National Standards for Residential Care”. These standards ensure that your child will be well looked after.

Your child will be encouraged to;

  • Join any local clubs which they have an interest in e.g., dancing clubs, youth clubs, sports clubs etc.
  • Join in on group or individual activities inside and outside the house, e.g., going to the cinema, swimming, bowling and going for walks etc
  • Visit their friends and have their friends over to visit where it is deemed suitable.
  • We also encourage family visits with agreement with the Social Worker.

TerraGlen Staff

All social care professionals in TerraGlen play an active role in any young person’s placement. Each staff member starts on any given day at 11am and finishes the following day at 11.30 am. There is a staff meeting each week that all social care professionals attend. It is here that your child’s progress and behaviours are discussed. During this meeting the manager, in conjunction with staff, outline the work for the coming week. Each day, as necessary, social care professionals will carry out what is known as individual work/keywork sessions. This is one to one time with your child to address or explore certain topics in relation to their lives and placements in TerraGlen. These sessions also allow for relationship building whilst encouraging growth and learning.


When a young person comes to live in TerraGlen they will be assigned a keyworker. A keyworker is a specific social care professional that will be tasked with your child’s specific needs within their placement here. The keyworker will create the placement plan in conjunction and collaboration of the your son/daughter’s care plan. This is done in conjunction with each young person and is a synopsis of the work and goals that will be carried out and achieved over the course of a month.

TerraGlen offer a range of programmes and activities, individually designed by the keyworker, to help young people build confidence in their achievements and ambitions for the challenges they will face throughout their lives. Another example of a keyworker’s role which is young person-centred is the creation of the weekly plan. This is a time specific detailed plan of your child’s daily life. It is completed for the start of each week and copies are both kept and offered to your child. This has been found to be very effective as structure and reassurance allows young person to feel at ease in their daily activities.

Services that we offer

  • Individualised Care Programmes
  • Life Skills
  • Specialised therapeutic input where needed
  • Family Support
  • Self-esteem work
  • Evidenced Based Measured Outcomes

Family Contact

We encourage and welcome family contact – access arrangements will be written in your child’s Care Plan, i.e., where and when visits take place and whether these visits must be supervised or not. Whatever arrangements are made for access visits we will always aim to make your visit a happy one. This will be made possible through mutual respect between all concerned.

We will always make sure that you are kept up to date on matters concerning your child’s life and, where possible, we will include you in making decisions regarding their life. If you have any questions regarding your child you can contact the staff at TerraGlen; we will always be happy to help you.


Every young person is entitled to an education. Your child must attend a school or a course while they are living here. If it is practical, we will facilitate your child to attend their current school/course.

We will ensure that your child gets all the educational help they need in order to succeed in their education. We will attend school meetings regarding your child and we would also encourage you to do so. Staff in TerraGlen will guide and support your child with their homework and study.

Your child will be encouraged to go onto higher education or training; we will help them find something that best suits their abilities.

TerraGlen will cover all school expenses will be taken care of while your child is living with us e.g., school uniforms, school trips, books, stationary


Our house rules ensure that everyone is safe and treated fairly and equally. These rules are simple and easy to follow. We will explain these responsibilities that we all share in the house after your child arrives.


While your child is living in TerraGlen, we will ensure that they have/get all the clothes that they need e.g., runners, shoes, underwear, casual clothes, school uniforms etc.

Pocket Money

Your child will get pocket money from us on allotted days during the week. The amount depends on their age. This money is not expected to cover the cost of their toiletries, clothes, activities etc as TerraGlen will provide money for these items.


Your child will receive whatever medical treatment they need, including dental, optical or any kind of specialist treatment that might be necessary. The cost of any treatment will be covered either by their medical card or by TerraGlen. When appropriate to do so, you will be invited to attend such appointments with your child.

Care Plan

Your child will have a Care Plan while they are living in care. All those that care for your child will be involved in writing up this plan, including you. This plan will outline important issues in relation to your child e.g., the kind of care that is suitable for them, their educational needs, healthcare, any specific needs e.g., counselling, their religious beliefs and hobbies etc. This plan ensures that everybody working with your child knows their exact needs and how to give them the best possible chance in life, school, in their placement and with their family. For more information on Care Plans, click here.


It is very important that all staff and young people treat each other with respect. If your child misbehaves, it is important that they talk about it with staff to find out the reasons for the behaviour and to get each young person to accept responsibility for their behaviour. Sometimes we will give your child a sanction e.g., if they break something on purpose, we will stop some of their pocket money to pay for it. This is a natural consequence and the aim of this is to try to teach your child.

Physical Restraints and Protective Interventions

Physical restraint, which involves holding a young person, may be used by TerraGlen social care professionals who are fully trained and accredited in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) and only if it is absolutely necessary to prevent them from seriously hurting themselves or another person. This may happen when a young person becomes extremely angry. Restraints are not a regular occurrence in TerraGlen and are only ever used as the very last resort when the young person is liable to cause themselves or others injury/harm. You will always be informed should an event like this happen.

The TCI restraints have been developed by Cornell University to ensure the physical safety of the young person being restrained, ensuring that no pressure is ever applied to airways, neck, head or spine.

An Garda Síochána

We will try our best to solve all issue/incidents without Garda involvement but An Garda Síochána may also be called if a situation gets very unsafe. If your child leaves the house without permission and staff are very worried for their immediate safety, the Gardaí will have to be contacted and you will also be informed and kept updated.

On admission to TerraGlen, an individual absence management plan will be devised tailored for your child. This is done in conjunction with the Gardaí, social worker and TerraGlen staff/Keyworker.


All young people have rights. Young people in care have special rights to do with the way they are being cared for, and you have a right to complain if you are not happy with the care your child is are receiving. All these rights are laid out in a book that we will give and explain to your child and we encourage all young people to learn what their rights are. If you feel your child is being denied any of their rights, you can speak to the staff or you can make a complaint.

Making a Complaint

If you are not happy with the care that your child is being given you have a right to make a complaint. If you wish to make a complaint you can make it to the manager of TerraGlen or your child’s Social Worker. All complaints are taken seriously and are dealt with promptly. Complaints are notified to the relevant person as soon as possible. If you make a complaint to the Manager, we will do everything we can to try and resolve it for you. If this is not resolved it will be passed onto your child’s Social Worker. They will aim to solve this complaint and if this is not possible it will go further until your complaint is resolved. If you are unhappy with the outcome you can appeal it. All this will be dealt with in the quickest possible manner. You will be guided and supported when you need to make a complaint.


There are many documents in TerraGlen that we work from in order to ensure your child is being properly cared for and you have a right to see these if you want to; just ask any member of staff and they will make arrangements with you.

Some of these documents include:

  • Young Person Protection Document
  • Sanctions Policy
  • Anti-Bullying Policy
  • Complaints Procedure
  • Policies and Procedures for TerraGlen.

These documents ensure that the house is being run properly.